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"I really want to create a platform for people to experience themselves in a new way," Lonsdale proclaimed.

The Aura Camera allegedly uses electromagnetic hand sensors that translate your vibrational frequency (or bio feedback) into a color, and then, with a second exposure, displays that color on an instant polaroid photo.

A black youth, and then several others, try break 13-year-old Christian Dorscht from the white man’s grip; the white man produces a weapon. The white man, who rang a bullet in public around a group of unarmed children of color, is still free.

Anaheim, like the rest of the United States that will soon join it, has experienced a deep and rapid demographic change. Today, it’s about 50 percent white — latinos and other people of color make up the balance.

They literally see the energy that makes up and surrounds everyone and everything.

Chunyi, who began seeing energy as a child, uses his ability to help see health problems. Here at Learning Strategies we're about simplifying and accelerating processes, and that's what we've done for you.

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