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Christy Canyon has written a very interesting book about her career in pornography. You won't be seduced into believing this is a great career move and you won't be fooled into thinking that Ms. Those looking for a simple turn on will be disappointed.

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Overall, she is not a very nice person as can be seen by the fact that she goes on and on and on about how people hurt her or let her down over and over again. It really gets tiring to read her lists of grievances.

Well a non-narcissistic person would eventually ponder, "Maybe my behavior is contributing to the way people are treating me". Finally, she doesn't blow the lid off any celebrities that you every heard about, and since there is so much else about the book that is either totally inaccurate or is playing to the grandstands, you have to have your doubts about these revelations. Susie Bright, Carol Queen) and saw Boogie Nights but this book was the most satisfying in terms of my curiousity of what it is like to work in XXX.

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