Christian guys guide to dating common speed dating questions

However, I don’t mean that flirting is all the relationship is made of. But at the same time it often has a self-seeking reward. We need to be careful that we are treating people in a respectful and God-honoring way.When I see a “relationship” that consists of nothing but bantering back and forth, trading sarcastic comments, pretending to overreact to something the other person said, and alternating between clinging to each other and pretending to be mad, I know it is not a good relationship. Where is the line between having fun and goofing off with someone of the opposite sex and flirting? I love to have fun, and I love to have fun in the company of girls. Flirting should not be the basis for love—it is a risky thing to place your hopes in.He is clear on whom you should date and why you should date.When it comes to Christian dating, you live according to a different standard – God’s. There are some solid reasons why God asks us to live a certain way, and dating is no different.However, even among Christians, there are differences as to whether you should or should not date.The choice is up to you and your parents, but Christian teens should still know God’s perspective on dating.

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There are all kinds of advice out there about dating today, but a lot of it is about dating in the world rather than Christian dating.

Christians need to have a different attitude toward dating.

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