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Fort Worth’s White Elephant, site of more than a few gunfights, shady deals and high-stakes games in its day, was plenty wild at times, yet it was also a business model for successful saloon entrepreneurship.

A true Western saloon, such as the White Elephant, was a different critter from any of its nearest kin — the dance house, parlor house or variety theater — even though they were often to be found right next door to each other.

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The parlor house, or bordello, though, could be worse.

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A subsidiary of Exxon Mobil is cutting 67 jobs at its Fort Worth offices. A spokesman said 40 of the jobs were outsourced custodial and mail service positions. Exxon prides itself on having such a strong balance sheet that it does not need to layoff employees during downturns.

No need to book travel plans for a first date across the country.

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