Friendship dating clubs hyderabad

i would like to know if there are any genuiene groups of single mom / single dad in pune so that we can make friends and share our expireneces and probably could live better life. only condition is the people joining the group should be genuiene ( no fake and dating profiles plz.) Best Regards, P. hi tina, this is yogesh, i am also very new to this site , its been 2 months or may be a little more here in this forum.

i tried making friends here but the problem is people are not sure or uncertain about the person they speak to or network with.

i am a senior manager in a automobile manufacturing unit here in chennai. but as i told u people have all kinds of notion about a guy approaching single mothers ...... cheers, Hi Tinaa, I am also a single mom to my 2 yr old son.. Like u I am also in a search for a genuine group where we can share our happiness and sorrows( not af ake one like the common ones seen where only match making happens...

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