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A few weeks later, she took up singing lessons with Brett Manning.Because of rather (justified) bad mood in state school she took a dislake to it, mother signed her up for so-called „weekend classes”. Brothers Farro have actually became her first friends.‘There were days I’d wake up and think, “this is pointless”,’ she says.‘There were times I thought I’d have to get another job.

Birth Name: Hayley Nichole Family Name: Williams Born: 27 December 1988 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Eye color: green Natural hair color: shady blond Height: 5’2″ Place of Birth: Meridian, MS Place of Residence: Nashville/Los Angeles Aged 14, Williams moved to Franklin along with her family.As for what the future holds, he’s open to a personal relationship but not necessarily a professional one. ‘It was the worst day of my life,’ says Paramore frontwoman Hayley Williams of the day, almost three years ago, her ex-bandmate and ex-boyfriend, Josh Farro, wrote a blog denouncing his old group as a ‘manufactured product of a major label’ in which the members were treated ‘as less important than Hayley’.She treats almost everyone with this easy familiarity, it turns out.Later that afternoon, we crisscross the city in her car, a robin’s egg blue Fiat littered with half-empty water bottles, stopping at places she loves.

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