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Und wenn ich es ihnen schickte, kam keine Antwort mehr. Ich glaube, ich habe mir dieses Sex-Profil vor allem aus Faulheit angelegt.The “Mir-Jan” Hotel in Lądek-Zdrój is located on the border of the spring area of Lądek-Zdrój, by the Biała Lądecka riverbank, surrounded by mountain walking routes, beautiful tree stands and rock viewing plaftorms. Our Hotel can accommodate 150 guests in comfortably furnished rooms, each with a bathroom, a TV set and complimentary Wi-Fi.At Mir's core is a module where the astronauts live and six docking ports which are used for re-supply vehicles and to lock on the specialised modules that are used for various technical work.

The overall dimensions are: 33 m (Progress M- Kvant 1- Core Module – Soyuz TM) x 31 m (Priroda- Kristall- Docking module) x 27.5 m (Kvant 2- Spektr).

Parking spaces, breakfasts and spa & wellness facilities are included in the price.

The Shuttle–Mir Program was a collaborative space program between Russia and the United States, which involved American Space Shuttles visiting the Russian space station Mir, Russian cosmonauts flying on the shuttle, and an American astronaut flying aboard a Soyuz spacecraft to engage in long-duration expeditions aboard Mir.

During the four-year program, many firsts in spaceflight were achieved by the two nations, including the first American astronaut to launch aboard a Soyuz spacecraft, the largest spacecraft ever to have been assembled at that time in history, and the first American spacewalk using a Russian Orlan spacesuit.

The program was marred by various concerns, notably the safety of Mir following a fire and a collision, financial issues with the cash-strapped Russian Space Program and worries from astronauts about the attitudes of the program administrators.

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