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Comedian Matt Lucas has somewhat dramatically branded the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher a ‘murderer’ for discriminating against gay people.

The Little Britain comic criticises Mrs Thatcher for her part in introducing the notorious Section 28 amendment in 1988, which banned schools and local authorities from promoting homosexuality.‘I regard Margaret Thatcher and the people who created and endorsed Clause 28 as murderers,’ he says in a new documentary.

Avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong movie by selecting one of these seven romantic movies to watch on a Christian date.

This older movie stars Tom Hanks as Joe Fox and Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly.

Thus begins the first section of the movie, which plays like a really uninteresting mash-up of “The Money Pit” and “Leaving Las Vegas,” as Lucas attempts to get used to life on the boat (he lives there too, of course, another big hint about how existentially dire his circumstances are) and drinks a lot of briny booze.

These scenes lack flow and are tonally unbalanced – a sequence where his shower conks out and he’s forced to run into town all soapy and half-nude is right up against another where he’s drunkenly reading from “The Odyssey,” at one point turning the book towards the camera and showing it an illustration.

Around the same time, Kathleen meets a handsome and charming man she begins falling for and they start chatting online.Ever After: A Cinderella Story follows the Cinderella storyline, but is set in the 1500’s.Young Danielle is deeply cherished by her father but her stepmother and stepsisters have always been jealous of her.A short time after getting his MFA from UCLA Film School—and after his successful thesis film, The Passion of Martin had attracted industry attention—Payne got a writing/directing deal with Universal Pictures.The ensuing screenplay, which was turned down, would ultimately become About Schmidt.

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