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Ladder Theory was originally satirical but, as is often the case, proved to have more than a grain of truth embedded in it.

Ladder Theory was first conceptualized in 1994 in Exeter, California USA, by Dallas Lynn, with acknowledgement to the contribution made by Jared Whitson.

This theory was created in 1994 by Dallas Lynn with the help of Jared Whitson.

According to the Ladder Theory, men and women consciously and unconsciously project a mental rating when meeting anyone from the opposite sex.

they’re just not good enough relative to the caliber of women that one particular dude can attract.

According to the theory, group-based inequalities are maintained through three primary intergroup behaviors—specifically institutional discrimination, aggregated individual discrimination, and behavioral asymmetry.

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She then claimed to not criticize hookup culture, then went on a long diatribe about hookup culture and how it has replaced “dating.”Here’s the deal, ladies.The theory explains that each of us has our own “ladder”. For men, the top spot in the ladder is occupied by women whom they really wish to be dating and have a sexual relationship with, and those at the bottom are those they consider unattractive and undesirable.As for women, things get more complicated because they have two ladders representing those they consider as potential mates (“real” ladder), and those they only want to be friends with (“friends” ladder).As I explained in the Ladder Theory post, dudes have two ladders they place women on — the “Marriage Material” ladder and the “Fuckable” ladder.Generally speaking, almost all women land on the “Fuckable” ladder by default.

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